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We have to keep meeting like this!

Kudos to us all for coming together and creating a great Board meeting on Saturday 10/15. It was a wonderful example of how teamwork makes the dreams work. There were several milestone accomplishments to celebrate: 😻 We were all present and engaged.

We gained :

🦉🦉2 new Board members, Elaine McCarthy, ‘75 is our new Director of Nominations, Clare Pak, ‘16 is Assistant Treasurer. 🎓🎓 2 new student members, Megan Watras SGA President and Bea Jones, Class of '23 president.

🚣 We confirmed Jasmine Clark as Director of Athletics 👍 We passed 8 resolutions including a new budget. 🐝 There has been hard work and progress in every committee area . 🎓 We had 35 online rsvp's and 15 actual virtual attendees and to 16 in-person attendees including President, Lynn Perry Wooten, VP Advancement Beth Kramer, and Head Athletics Erica Schuling . #kudos #teamwork #homecoming2022 A video recording of the Board meeting will be made available on our website and we are actively seeking alum committe volunteers and applicants for our open Awards and Communications Director positions. Learn more HERE.

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