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Alumnae/i Association Awards

The Simmons University Alumnae/i Association proudly presents several awards annually to recognize, honor, and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments and careers of various Simmons community members, including undergraduate alum and faculty/staff. You can read more about the awards that the Association presents and previous winners below. 

General Qualifications for Undergraduate Alum Awards

Any alum who attended Simmons and received an undergraduate degree is eligible for nomination if they meet the specific requirements for a particular award category.

Exceptions include:

  • Current employees of Simmons

  • Current members of the Board of Trustees

  • Current members of the Alumnae/i Association Executive Board (AAEB) or the Alum Awards Committee

  • Alum cannot receive the same award more than once

  • All award recipients must be living at the time the nomination is submitted

Recent Alum Achievement Award

The Recent Alum Achievement Award recognizes an undergraduate alum who graduated within the previous 10 years and who has made outstanding contributions to Simmons University and in professional or civic fields of endeavor. The candidate should also demonstrate promise for continuing service and leadership to Simmons and in their field.  First awarded in 2004, the Recent Alum Achievement Award may also recognize a recipient who has demonstrated accomplishments in their career choice and recognition in other volunteer efforts.

Alum Service Award

Established in 1964 by the Alumnae/i Association, the Alum Service Award recognizes a graduate who has demonstrated dedicated service to the Alumnae/i Association through leadership in class, club, and/or Alumnae/i Association programs and committees. This award seeks to honor a graduate who has served Simmons and the Alumnae/i Association with dedication through leadership, and who has exhibited an outstanding and ongoing commitment to the University and the Association. Criteria for recognition may include extensive work with clubs, class, the Association and/or students; fundraising, visibility created for Simmons University and longevity and dedication in leadership roles.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a wonderful opportunity to recognize an undergraduate alum for outstanding achievements and to celebrate their commitment to the community and beyond. This award honors an undergraduate alum whose lifetime accomplishments have brought them to the top of their field of endeavor. The committee welcomes nominations that reflect the diversity of Simmons alum and their many avenues of achievement.

Community Service Award

Established in 1999 by the Alumnae/i Association, the Community Service Award was created in support of the Simmons commitment to community service, and as a means of recognizing the long history of alum commitment to their communities and volunteer organizations. This award seeks to recognize a graduate who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the world around them, and who has undertaken unique and innovative approaches to solving community issues and bettering the world. The goal of the Community Service Award is to recognize an undergraduate alum who is actively engaged in voluntary service that benefits the local or regional community, a specific non-profit group, or the national or international community.

Priscilla McKee Award for Faculty/Staff

The Priscilla McKee Award, established by the Alumnae/i Association in 1988, is presented annually to one member of the faculty or staff of the University in recognition of exceptional service to the Simmons community. Priscilla McKee, Vice President of Simmons from 1979 to 1988, was noted for her intense dedication to the best interests of the University. In recognition of her 31 years of service to Simmons, the Executive Board of the Alumnae/i Association voted unanimously to make her an honorary member and established the Priscilla McKee Faculty/Staff Award for outstanding service to Simmons.

Student Awards

In addition to the awards given directly, two student awards are sponsored by the Alumnae/i Association. These award recipients are selected by the University and traditionally given at the Senior Faculty Banquet. 

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