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Alumnae/i, Family and Friends Weekend 2023!

Alumnae/i, Family and Friends Weekend 2023 Alumnae/i, Family and Friends Weekend is scheduled for Friday, October 13, through Sunday, October 15, 2023. Register to Attend In-Person »

Come Home…Let’s Build Our Future Together! Dear Alumnae/i, Family and Friends, Join other members of Simmons’ remarkable community of alumnae/i, families, friends, and students for a stimulating and fun celebration of the University and its distinctive mission. October is an ideal time to experience the autumn beauty and buzz of Simmons’ campus—right in the heart of America’s quintessential college town.

Every member of the Simmons community, each in their own way, contributes to the vitality of our community and the education of today’s students. By participating in this weekend, you will have opportunities to see firsthand how the campus is evolving in exciting ways to enhance the living and learning environment for our students.

You will also learn about other steps Simmons is taking to ensure that current and future students graduate well-prepared to lead and thrive in their careers and communities. As always, we hope you will share your insights and suggestions about Simmons today, its road ahead and how you want to engage with Simmons .

Come home — let's build our future together!

We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Register HERE.

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