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A Moving Farewell from our Outgoing Executive Board Co-Presidents

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Our Annual Association meeting closed Saturday, June 5 with some thoughtful, personal remarks from outgoing Co-Presidents Theresa L. Brewer and Lynne Devnew. You can view the entire meeting and Awards Ceremony on-demand at , and we share here, an abridged transcript of their words to us with deep thanks and appreciation for their dedicated leadership and commitment during an unusual and difficult three years.

Lynne: "It's hard to be wrapping up 17 years on the Board and I've very glad that Co-Presidents get to stay on ex-officio. Covid has given us a challenging time and it's certainly been a time for change...It's easy to think of the things I wish we'd done better . I'm also very proud of what the Association has accomplished , led by a wonderful team of Directors on the Alumnae/i Association Executive Board...There's just so many opportunities for Alums to be engaged and Theresa, it's been a great experience working with you and learning from you. I'm going to miss our sometimes hourly texts, emails and zoom. Thank you for being a great partner."

Theresa: "Thank you Lynne, and thank you for being a great partner as well. When I came to Simmons...I was the first one in my family to go to I had no problem coming back and serving in any I could It's truly been an honor. Student success is one of (my) passions. It really does mean a lot to see students not only get into college, but then get through college because

I didn't always fit the typical profile of a student who would be a success...I'm not a statistic. I am someone who made it, and made it through some excellent institutions. So I try to give back as much as I can. It's been a privilege and I've enjoyed both AAEB roles that I've been able to serve in these past 8 years and the volunteer work before that with the Scott Ross Center. Thank you again to the Office of Advancement, all of your staff, and to everybody who's on the Board."



Our new Co-Presidents have some mighty impressive shoes to fill. Thanks for always responding to my email questions. Leslie Dykeman, Class of 1970, Albany, NY

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